11 English van Rossen think about hell, loyalty, courage and goodness

Hell is a human creation because it was made up by religion – Christianity and the Jews.

Humans give things such as bad places the name of “hell”. For example, the phrase “making life a living hell” gives the impression of making life difficult and horrible. However, in Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden, the place “Hell” is a safe place where they hide, so it has the reverse meaning to the typical definition of “Hell”. Therefore I think that the term “Hell” is a human creation because it is a term used by humans and defined by humans.

Concept of hell is created and viewed by Humans. Hell is not a quality and is not visible. You can’t go and find it.

Born from the conscious difference between good and evil. “Hell” is a religious place of evil where it is believed that “bad” people go.

Two sides to the coin. A fairytale of the imagination. If you are faced by death you are always likely to pick Heaven for yourself because you don’t see yourself as being unworthy enough to go to hell. So in conclusion “Hell” is a real place that is created by people who turn away from God and never look back.

In the book Tomorrow, When the War Began, the main character, Ellie thinks about hell being a human creation and also traits like loyalty, courage, and goodness being a human creation also. But her thoughts were quite open-ended, inviting the reader to think about the matter themselves.

In my opinion, hell is two things: Hell as a word can be all that humans see as morally wrong, sins in other words. These sins can be acting like murder, theft and rape or emotions like hatred, jealousy and deceit. “Hell” in these terms is a human creation, just like emotions such as love, compassion, and loyalty because we humans have been given free will to make our own decisions.

I also believe that Hell is a place that the bible teaches us about: the opposite of heaven, heaven being a sin free utopia, Although many will disagree with me, I believe in God whole-heartedly and I know that heaven and hell are places where we will be after our lives on this earth have ended. Depending on whether we have accepted God into our heart and asked for his unconditional forgiveness.

In conclusion, I believe that hell and heaven - in terms of our actions, like whether we choose to live in love or hatred, compassion or jealousy, and loyalty or deceit - is a human invention BUT Heaven and Hell in their straight-forward terms are places created by God NOT humans.

I believe hell is a human invention used to threaten and worry people who break human morals during their life on this earth. I don’t pretend to know everything. I am not a Christian and all I am certain of is what I choose to believe. I therefore believe that the concept of heaven and hell is merely an embellishment on these ideas, that have been built on over hundreds of years of strong religion and religious teachings.

Hell a human creation it’s envisaged as a bad place for bad people.

Hell is a word a place made up by Christianity. I don’t believe that when people pass away they will go to an evil place called hell.

Created in the minds’ of the human race to spread fear about sinning in accordance with the Christian religion.

Loyalty, Courage and Goodness.
I believe that loyalty, courage and goodness are not human inventions. Sure, their names or labels are invented by humans, but, the actual emotions or qualities are simply an added bonus to the complexity of a human being. As a human being, we come with feelings, moods and qualities. These qualities come in different amounts and this is what makes each and everyone of us unique. It is naturally programme into the depth of each of us. Therefore, loyalty, courage and goodness are qualities that naturally come as part of a human. We are so complex that we even have a choice when to use these qualities, and in what amount.

Man has created courage, loyalty and goodness. Because we are the ones who came up with manners. Etc. They are displayed by people we trust and care about. I think trust need to be earned and not invented or created.

Are human inventions, however their actions are not invented. Labels. But animals show loyalty. Courage K-9 unit. Goodness shows through the compassion shown to the owner when they are not well.

Are not human inventions. Traits are shown in mammals eg dogs. Loyalty, courage and goodness are not human inventions because they are part of nature.

It is a human invention because it comes down to their choice as to if and when they are going to show it or use it.

Something labelled so that humans can understand. Nature created these qualities – they exist in nature – and humans put a label to them.

The feelings are natural human instinct. Sometimes we don’t think about being these words even though we are doing the action anyway.