Looking For Alibrandi Year 11 Visual Text Study

1. In the movie Looking for Alibrandi a visual technique that is used is applying sepia(brown) tonings to particular scenes. When does this occur in the movie and what is the effect? [ in other words: what do viewers learn or “get” from the use of these sepia tones in a scene]

Answers – understanding of the scene’s action
- understanding of the scene’s main idea
- understand of something about Josie’s personality

Introduction – this would restate the question and indicate to the reader how you were going to answer this: answers

Three paragraphs – statement explanation example of scene and use, Analysis of what this showed you, Summary.


30 mins.

Scenes would include the opening scene – Josie’s attitude towards her family and culture, the day-dream sequence of Carly arriving at school – Josie’s attitude to Carly: jealousy and film-star high class looks, the day-dream sequence when she is imagining herself as Mrs Alibrandi-Barton …, the day-dream or nightmare sequence where Carly and John are on the top step – high angled shot – and confetti is falling about them.

2. In the visual text Looking for Alibrandi, directed by Kate Woods, Woods uses the sound technique of a jet plane flying overhead to introduce a major advance in the plot or the fact that a character has learned something important. Provide examples of when this technique was used in the film and explain its effect [what the viewer learned or “got” from the use of this effect].


Three paragraphs of statement, explanation, example, possible quotes Analysis or learning from example Summary, so therefore we can see that through the use of the sound device/technique in this scene we learn that there has been a significant advance in the plot/that X has gained a significant understanding.


Answers: Write about…..
Jet appears in the opening scene – shows us that the family lives near the airport. It introduces itself as a sound technique.

Jet is heard when Nona walks in on Michael, Christina and Josie arguing about how Christina kept the baby. “Am I a this,” Josie. The jet indicates that Nona has gained the understanding that Michael is Josie’s father.

The jet is heard during the school ball when Josie starts to slow dance with Jacob Coote instead of having “that first dance with John Barton.” The lyrics to the song which follows are “make hay not war” which alludes back to the old saying “make hay when the sun shines” and the 60’s saying of the Peace Movement “Make Love, Not War.” This means that Josie is thinking that she may as well make the best of her decision about who she is dancing with. But because she has chosen to dance with Jacob and not John as she had planned, the jet sound flies through the music to indicate a major change in direction to the plot.

Jet flies over in the last scene: shows a gain in understanding by the main character Josie. “I know now that what is important is who I think I am. I am Michael and Christina’s daughter and Kartia’s granddaughter. And we are not cursed, we’re blessed.” This time the jet is visible as well as heard. The jet indicates that Josie has resolved the problem that she had with her search of identity and sense of belonging.

3. Explain how the opening and closing scenes in Looking for Alibrandi, directed by Kate Woods, were linked. What visual, verbal and sound techniques were used to help explain this link?

Answers: Introduction would explain the link – that in the first scene we learn Josie’s attitude to her family and culture and the fact that she doesn’t feel like she belongs in it. That the final scene shows that this attitude has changed and that she now “knows who she really is…”

Link = connection ---- in this case between the opening scene and closing scene. To find this RELATIONSHIP out we must ANALYSE AND COMPARE SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES.

In the visual text Looking for Alibrandi, directed by Kate Woods, there is a connection between the opening and closing scenes through the use of film techniques and the resolution of the major theme of "the search for identity and the sense of belonging.". This essay will illustrate the similarities and differences in the techniques used to portray the changes to Josie's attitude to her family and culture.

P1 – visual – sepia in opening scene until Josie puts on modern music/ final scene in full colour and Josie puts on the opening scenes music and dances to it. ----changes to Josie's attitude and culture ..........

P2 – verbal features – first person narration by Josie lets us understand her feelings and attitudes directly and how they have changed. Provide examples of quotes for both opening and closing. ------- changes to Josie's attitude to her family and culture

P3 – sound technique – the jet – visual at the end. ........changes to Josie's attitude ....

Conclusion ..............
MUST HAVE SOME "SO WHAT" VALUE..We saw Josie mature and step up to face the challenges that she had. We saw that things can turn out better than we expect, or imagine. We saw that our attitudes can change to what we have in life already as a result of maturing, learning and understanding others in our families. We have all been shaped by experiences and our own insecurities and fears. Josie showed that we can all change our attitudes to our families and cultural background through personal growth and as a result of this become more resilient individuals with a strong sense of belonging in this world.