To help student interaction with the text, here is a set of chapter questions for them to read and respond to:

Chapter One
1. Another Bright Idea
(a) Why do people shave their heads on Taris? (pg 11.) Please answer with the quote “
(b) What is withdrawing?
(c) What do you think withdrawing might be meant to do? Or what do you think this society uses it for?
(d) How many people live on the island of Taris?
(e) What century is Juno living in?
(f) How is the island protected from the outside world? (pg 12.)
(g) How old is Juno when she begins to tell us her story?
(h) Where is she?
(i) What does her “mind keep skittering off to”?
(j) Does Juno think that she is the only one who wants to know?
(k) What is their teacher’s name?
(l) What idea did Silvern plant in Juno’s mind? (pg13)
(m)How was she going to feel like she was accomplishing this?
(n) Is the island large or small?
(o) What is the name of the ocean that their island is in? (pg 14.)
(p) Did Juno feel as though she belonged to the island? Why?
(q) What is the means of transport on Taris? (pg 15)
(r) Was it usual behaviour for people to go walking by themselves during the recreation hour?
(s) How did Juno’s mother and father react to Juno wanting to walk alone?
(t) Did Juno reach the skin of the world? (pg 18.)
(u) What kind of information is put in italics at the end of the chapters?

Chapter Two
2. Discovered
(a) Who discovered Juno as she came down from the path through the mango orchard? (pg 19)
(b) What is his feelings about Juno? How can you tell?
(c) Excuse did Juno give?
(d) What kind of build is Juno?
(e) What was Juno trying so hard to do? (pg 20.)
(f) What did Juno hate her lack of?
(g) What did everyone do in the afternoons?
(h) Could the inhabitants of Taris see the sky? How can you tell? (pg 21)
(i) What was Marba interested in?
(j) What was their class called?
(k) What question did Marba ask the learning stratum to consider? (pg 23.)
(l) What reason does Silvern give to Marba’s question(pg 24)
(m)Had Silvern ever been withdrawn from?
(n) What answer to Marba’s question did Shallym give?
(o) What do we learn about Juno from Fortun and Yin?
(p) What do we learn from Pel (pg 25)
(q) What do we learn about Taris from Brex?
(r) What is Juno like according to Biddo?
(s) What experiment does Marba want the stratum to perform? (pg 26.)

Chapter three
3. The Meeting
(a) What did Juno mix into the salad? (pg 29.)
(b) What question does Juno ask about her mother’s reaction?
(c) What quote does she have to recite to her father? (pg 30.)
(d) How does Juno feel about the quote?
(e) What had Juno achieved for herself by saying that she was trying to beat Marba in the swimming races? (pg 31)
(f) What flowers were brought to the stage? (pg 32.)
(g) What did Juno hear as she read Hilto’s thoughts at the meeting? (pg 33)
(h) Who said that they were prepared to die? (pg 38.)
(i) Why did Juno want Hilto or Majool to die?
(j) What mysterious thing did Majool say that Irian failed to react to? (pg 40)
(k) What happens when someone dies on Taris?
(l) What is the mysterious thing that Irian says about a new child on Taris (pg 41)
(m)What is the history that Juno’s father starts to tell? (pg 42.)
(n) Why did Juno hate Fridays? (pg 43)
(o) What had happened six years before?
(p) What sat on top of the mountain in the mist? (pg 46)
(q) How was Ibis supposed to have died?
(r) What three things does Juno say she hates? (pg 47.)

Chapter four
4. Baby News
(a) Who did Juno’s parents have to ask permission of to have a baby? (pg 49.)
(b) How is information passed around on Taris?
(c) What reason does Silvern give for the Governance Companions to turn down her parents? (pg 51.)
(d) How did Juno behave towards Nixie that was different to usual? (Pg 52)
(e) What does Silvern say about Juno’s behaviour? (pg 53.) (pg 56.)
(f) What does Grif say that reinforces Juno’s feelings about why her parents couldn’t be selected for another child? (pg 57.)
(g) What did Juno’s mother teach at the school (pg 59)
(h) What gossip (news) had Bazin Juno’s father’s father, learned during the day?
(i) What must Juno watch when she is dancing until the baby question was settled? (pg 61)
(j) What else did you learn about Juno’s efforts to conform on this page?
(k) What is Grif teaching Juno to do? (pg 65.)
(l) What is the only script that everyone uses on Taris?
(m)What would be the advantages to the Governance Committee if people could only read this way?
(n) What does Danyat think of Grif teaching Juno this skill?
(o) Why does Grif continue?
(p) Where will Juno’s parents get the genetic material for their baby from? (pg 67)
(q) Do people discuss the history of Taris? (pg 68)
(r) What responsibility is Vima feeling? (pg 69)

Chapter five
5. Written Words
(a) Who were Juno’s biological parents? (pg 74.)
(b) How long ago were Juno’s biological parents supposed to have been living?
(c) Where did the selection for the baby’s genes take place? (pg 75)
(d) Who did Juno think was a good biological mother for her baby sister? (pg 78)
(e) Who did Juno think was a good biological father for her baby sister? (pg 79)

Chapter six
6. The Choosing
(a) What happened at the Gene Centre when the earthquake struck? (pg 85.)
(b) What words of comfort does Juno’s father give her about the island (pg 87/88)

Chapter seven
7. Race Day
(a) Why caused Juno to feel differently about her prospective baby sister? (pg 90)
(b) Why does Juno continue to get her head shaved without complaint? 9pg 92.)
(c) Why was Juno angry with the Governance Companions? (pg 94)
(d) Who came first, second and third in the swimming race? (pg 96)
(e) What did Hilto have in mind for the loser of the final race? (pg 97)
(f) Who did he expect would lose?
(g) Biddo lost and was presented with a bouquet of white roses. What did these flowers represent to the people of Taris? (pg 98)

Chapter eight
8. Birthdays
(a) What does Wenda suggest? (pg 101)
(b) What did Juno really want to do on her birthday? (pg 102)
(c) Who did Juno share her birthday with?
(d) Grif encourages Juno to lift her spirits. What does she say?
(e) How is Juno left feeling after Danyat agrees with Grif? (pgs 104/105/106)
(f) What story does Grif write down on leaves for Juno? (pg 107)
(g) What knowledge winded Juno? (pg 108)
(h) Was it just Juno that Hilto disliked?
(i) How did Juno “fight back” against Silvern? (pg 109)

Chapter nine
9. A wedding
(a) What is it that Juno is allowed to do at the age of 11 and 12 that New Zealand children would not be allowed to do?
(b) Whose eyes did Juno feel on her as she danced at the wedding (pg 114)
(c) What was that person looking for?
(d) What did Marba discover when Juno’s stratum went to work scrubbing the walls of the Governance Office? (pg 117)
(e) What two pieces of advice did Grif and Danyat give Juno? 9pg 118)
(f) What kind of people get to have their own biological children on Taris?
(g) What does the gossip or “news” hint at, at the end of chapter nine?

Chapter Ten
10. Dangerous Talk
(a) How had Jov’s rebellion fired Juno’s imagination? (pg 122)
(b) How did Juno protect herself?
(c) What two ways did Juno view the mountain? 9pg 123)
(d) What caused Juno to cry on the way to school? (pg 124)
(e) What does the metaphor “died a little more inside” mean?
(f) Why will Juno not take on the dancing apprenticeship? (pg 130)
(g) How did Creen regard the dancing and music? (pg131)
(h) Did she see a need for change?
(i) How many people were known about in Taris’s history? (pg132)
(j) What was Creen’s reasoning for this? (pg 133)
(k) What about “the Crisis” does Juno point out? (pg 134)
(l) What other kinds of history questions did Juno think of? (pg 134/135)

Chapter 11
11. Waiting
(a) Vima considers “how do we know it’s [knowledge and history of Taris] unimportant, Creen, if we don’t know what it is?” What is Creen’s reply to this? (pg 138)
(b) Vima wonders if the island is heading back into repeating some of its mistakes. Would the Governance Companions be glad to have her wanting to find out more knowledge of the island’s history in order to ensure the island’s continued safety?
(c) What reason does Creen give for not needing to know island history? (pg 139)
(d) What does Creen’s reaction tell us about whether we humans should always be protected from feeling negative, questioning or insecure emotions?
(e) Juno tricks Creen into going to check her mother’s progress. What does Vima show Juno? (pg 142)
(f) What secret does Juno tell Vima?
(g) What do they find out about Juno’s name? (pg 143)
(h) How are names used on Taris?
(i) How does Vima break the moral code of Taris? ( pg 145)

Chapter 12
12. My Sister
(a) What were babies allowed to have? (pg 148)
(b) Where had Juno got Hera’s name from (last chapter)
(c) Whose child does Juno think she is? (pg 152)
(d) What is different about the transponder that Vima found and carries with her? ( pg 142)
(e) What do the grandparents generation pretend not to be able to do? (pg 155)
(f) The find the word “dictatorship” in the transponder’s encyclopaedia. What historical person do they find out about? (pg 156)
(g) Vima compares the Governance of Taris to that of who?

Chapter 13
13. Birthdays and Hormones
(a) Who taught Vima to read the encyclopaedia on the old transponder? (pg 160)
(b) What kind of Tarians would Vima like to breed? (pg 162)
(c) What comfort does Juno get from Vima’s friendship?
(d) How do the people on Taris cope with their constant danger? (pg 164)
(e) How does Juno think they cope?
(f) What had Vima found that could message? (pg 167)
(g) What boundary was Vima going to push? (pg 168)
(h) What did Vima say dictators from “outside” in the past did? (pg 169)

Chapter 14
14. Pushing Boundaries
(a) Where was Vima working and where has Hilto got her working now? (pg 172/173)
(b) What did Vima announce at the meeting? (pg 176)
(c) Who joined Vima in the announcement? (pg 177)
(d) What were the reasons why they shaved their hair on Taris according to Juno’s parents? (pg 180)
(e) What did Vima’s parents refuse to do?

Chapter 15
15. Action and Reaction
(a) What subject was banned from discussion at school? (pg 182)
(b) What words were bought to Juno’s mind as a result? (pg 183)
(c) What was the surprise advice that Danyat gave? (pg 185)
(d) Why justification did he give for this?
(e) How can we tell from Juno’s mother’s body language that she is feeling very threatened and insecure?
(f) What did Juno promise to do before she went to school that Friday? (pg 186)
(g) How did Silvern describe having a bald head made her feel? (pg 187)
(h) What did Silvern’s parents think would happen if people started growing hair? (pg 188)
(i) Why did Vima think that Hilto was pressuring Justa to make the students behave? (pg 189)
(j) What information did Vima give Juno when they went swimming after school that day? (pg 190)
(k) What had Juno’s aunt Oran asked the Governance Companions?
(l) What was supposed to have happened to Oran after this? (pg 191)
(m)What thoughts clacked around in Juno’s brain? (pg 192)
(n) How did she say the people of Taris actually lived?

Chapter 16
16. Gathering Courage
(a) What did Juno find hard to believe about Silvern’s previous behaviour? 9pg 196)
(b) What reason did Paz give that they had all been made to shave their hair? (pg 197)
(c) Juno had felt that they had all been the same but what differences did Brex point out between the men and women? (pg 197/198)
(d) What conclusion did the students make about the no hair rule? (pg 198)
(e) Why did Vima walk back from their swim with her head high? (pg 201)
(f) What did Vima discover about Nixie on the computer as she worked? (pg 209)
(g) What impact did this knowledge have on their understanding of Taris’s history? (pg 210)

Chapter 17
17. Our Hair
(a) Who accompanied Nixie to enforce the head shaving? (pg 212)
(b) Although it was Silvern who made the announcement, who did Hilto attack? (pg 214)
(c) How did Juno describe her mother coming to the rescue? (pg 215)
(d) What reason did Justa give for not withdrawing from her class? (pg 216)
(e) Juno’s father could not bring himself to believe what Sheen felt about Hilto and Majool. Why was this? (pg 217)
(f) What did he accuse Sheen of doing (pg 218)
(g) Juno almost changed her mind about conforming in order to save her family. What thoughts stopped her? (pg 218)
(h) What did Grif tell Juno about courage? (pg 222)
(i) What does Sheen realise about the history of Taris? (pg 223)

Chapter 18.
18. Fallout
(a)What does Zanin accuse Juno of doing? (pg 226)
(b)What did the community do to Juno as she walked to work? (pg 227)
(c) What had their name become? (pg 229)
(d) What year does Juno want to go back to? (pg 232)
(e) Why were the community “really” forbidden to go out at night? (pg 234)
(f) What happens if someone calls a meeting where the truth of the island will be told? (pg 235)
(g) What part of the truth do you think Leebar and Bazin had told Zanin so that he was sitting with Sheen at the emergency meeting? (pg 237)

Chapter 19.
19. Emergency Meeting
(a) What did Juno’s grandparents do at the emergency meeting (pg 239)
(b) What did Hilto threaten them with? (pg 240)
(c) What did Fisa step forward and urge the crowd to do? (pg 241)
(d) What did she say “changing one thing” would lead to? (pg 242)
(e) What lie did Hilto try to continue? (pg 242)
(f) Who quashed the mythical history of the island of Taris in front of the whole community?
(g) Who explained the true story to the people? (pg 243)
(h) What was the “wicked pact” that Juno objected to?
(i) What had happened to the people on the island 32 years before? (pg 244)
(j) Who had had a son called Elin that died? (pg 245)
(k) What did Fisa explain happened 32 years before? (pg 246)
(l) How did Elin die? (pg 248)
(m)What was the decision that Leebar said she and Bazin had made? (pg 249)
(n) What did Nixie break? (pg 250)
(o) What did he say would come with growing hair back?

Chapter 20.
20. History
(a) What changed at school after this? (pg 254)
(b) What did The Gnome tell them about guarding their “stuff”? (pg 255)
(c) What was Silvern surprise to hear?
(d) What stopped the Crisis? (pg 257)
(e) What did Fisa sacrifice? (pg 258/259)
(f) What did the Gnome refer to their bald heads as?
(g) What news was finally acceptable? (pg 260)

Chapter 21.
21. Marriage questions
(a) What did Irian do when he told the community that he had whipped the script from the server? (pg 262)
(b) Did they believe him?
(c) How was Fisa guilty of murder? (pg 263)
(d) What starts to malfunction again? (pg 265)
(e) What was Grif’s reaction to this? (pg 266)
(f) What had stopped happening as a result of the atmospheric crisis and its solution by the Governance Committee (pg 268)
(g) What was the theory of who could become biological parents (pg 270)

Chapter 22
22. Hera’s Escapade
(a) What did Juno discover when she went looking for Hera? (pg 280/281)
(b) What did Juno discover about Hera? (pg 282)
(c) Who found Juno as she was waiting for Vima? (pg 284)
(d) What had Vima found at the end of the tunnel and track? (pg 288)

Chapter 23
23. A Message
(a) Who does Juno have to see after school? (pg 290)
(b) How do they disguise their stratum meeting? (pg 292)
(c) What had Irian told Heskith about Juno’s abilities? (pg 294)
(d) What had Irian told Heskith to do? (pg 294/295)
(e) How did Marba get his message across to Juno when she was confronted by Hilto?
(f) What made Hilto storm off? (pg 296)
(g) What did Juno read to the stratum on their picnic? (pg 299)
(h) Why did Irian want to die?
(i) Who killed Oran, Juno’s aunt?
(j) Who cut the branch that five-year-old Elin climbed on?
(k) What had happened to ibis, Irian’s wife? (pg 300)
(l) What story did Majool spread?
(m)What did Majool ask Irian to be?
(n) Majool told the stratum they were not allowed to use their recreation hour picnicking together. What did he say their afternoon work would be? (pg 301)
(o) What did Juno and Vima understand he was trying to stop?
(p) According to the “news” at the end of the chapter, how did The Governance Companions change the recreation hour rules? (pg 303)

Chapter 24
1. Hidden History
(a) What had Sheen been right about according to Zanin? (pg 305)
(b) According to Bazin, when was Taris settled? (pg 306)
(c) What year is it really in Taris?
(d) What year did the “official” history say it was? (pg 307)
(e) When did the ships stop coming to Taris?
(f) What is Grif’s real name? (pg 308)
(g) Why did they have different names from their “outside” names? (pg 309)
(h) What was the decision that had to be made?(pg 310)
(i) What was the one discipline that continued to have merit? Or be useful?

Chapter 25
1. Dark of Night
(a) Who does Juno find to help her look for Vima first? (pg 314)
(b) What had happened to Vima? (pg 317)
(c) What had the Governance Companions used that building for before they smashed all the equipment? (pg 319)
(d) Where did Juno say they should take Vima and why? (pg 321)
Chapter 26
2. A Reckoning
(a) What lie did Majool tell the assembly of people at the arena about Vima? (pg 324)
(b) What did Hera know about Vima? (pg 325)
(c) What did Majool and Lenna say about Vima and what should happen to her?
(d) What was the next angle that Lenna took about Vima’s cuts? (pg 327)
(e) Did Fisa and Camnoon know what Majool had made Irian do? (pg 329)
(f) What angle did Majool try to take to make the audience forget about what they had just been told?
(g) What did Silvern tell the people was at the top of the mountain? (pg 331)
(h) Did Fisa know that the transmission equipment had been destroyed?
(i) Who saved Juno’s life when Hilto attacked? (pg 332)
Chapter 27
3. Keeping Going
(a) What was the news that made Juno gape? (pg 338)
(b) What was the message that Vima had intended to send to “Outside”?
(c) What kind of love had not served Taris well? (pg 339)
(d) What was the question that the younger generation asked? (pg 340)
(e) Did all the Governance Companions know of the continued contact with the outside world? (pg 341)
(f) Whose daughter did Hilto think Hera was? (pg 342)
(g) What truth about Hera’s parents did Juno finally have to tell so that they would believe that she was definitely not Majool’s? (pg 343)
(h) What was the punishment and job given to Vima and Jov? (pg 346)
(i) Had the community ever heard of hymns?
(j) Did they know what god was?
Chapter 28
4. I Vow to Thee my Country
(a) How could they tell that Taris was failing? (pg 348)
(b) Did anyone want to have a replacement baby? (pg 350)
(c) What did they introduce to their meetings? (pg 351/352)
(d) What list had Vima found on the Governance computers? (pg 353)
(e) Who was Juno’s genetic mother?
(f) How long does Taris have to survive according to Vima? (pg 356)
(g) How does Hera reassure them?
(h) Juno says it’s the last days of Taris. What else could happen?
(i) What would you be thinking as you climbed on board the ship?