Remember the Titans Sound Techniques/devices

Music was used to provide atmosphere and emotion.

Motown Music – This has black origins and crossed the culture boundaries in the 1960’s to become mainstream and popular. At the time though, for many of the white Titans players, it was like listening to “gansta” music. It would have been like listening to black popular music and appearing to be a “wigger” in today’s terms.

The Motown music, epitomised by “Aint no Mountain High Enough” and the songs by the Temptations, was used as a backdrop to scenes where the Titans were all getting along well. Fore example, in the lunchroom and the locker rooms at the camp.

The effect on the film was that it gave the film a relaxed atmosphere. This was to portray that the team members were relaxed in each others company. That they had successfully set-aside their racial and cultural prejudices and been able to build friendships and develop respect for the other cultures in their team.

60’s Pop Music – this music formed the backdrop to scenes where the Titans were succeeding on the football field and with being accepted into the community as a result of the success of their football season.

The effect is that the music added excitement to the scene and reflected the community’s and the game crowds pride in their team. In one scene the Titans start to beat a side and “Kiss em goodbye” is playing. It’s like the titans are saying “eat my dust” to their opponents. This is the same song they are singing when they are coming home from camp in the bus. Everyone is singing “La na na na. La na na na. Hey hey hey. Goodbye.” It’s like they are saying ‘goodbye’ to all of the pressures that kept them apart: All the prejudice that their respective backgrounds squashed into their bubbles of perception.

On this occasion black gospel music is used by Rev as he is heard to call out above them all like a church minister “I can hear you. I can hear you, brother!” This mixture of black gospel and white pop reflects the unity of the black and white players – now galvanised into one community of team players.

Chanting and Movement in Unison – line dancing. – This white country line dancing mixed with chanting which has its roots in black slave culture = a sound and visual metaphor for the galvanised unity of the team.

We see the chanting and line dancing when they enter the football field for their warm-up. It is their “own unique style” as the football commentator says to the crowd.

The effect oh the team is to galvanise them into one machine. The effect on the viewer is that they feel the warmth of the team’s unity and the personal strength that I has brought to the young players.

There is chanting on the field at the end of camp too. They are all standing in a circle. This is also backed with “gospel” or “soul” music. Gary asks Julius what kind of power do you have?” “Soul power!” comes the reply. By getting in a huddle and chanting together they are forming that visual and sound metaphor which reflects the team’s unity.

Gospel Music – this is black music and was used to appeal to the team players to lift their thoughts “Up to the Lord” to help them get over the blocks to their unity caused by the racial prejudice in their upbringing and communities.

We see this when Blue calls a meeting in the gym and tries to get the players to see that the tam has fallen apart under the pressure coming at them from their friends and families. Louis Lastic reminds them of what Rev always says when things get hard. He starts to sing gospel “Even youths grow wary, even young men stumble and fall. But if you trust in the Lord…” This brings the team together by reminding them of what they had up at camp. It has the effect on the audience that there is hope that the team will succeed in putting aside their differences to over-come racism and play well together: To be “stronger for” having to get over racism in the formation of their team, as Boone had pointed out to them.

This is backed up by chanting together. Gary calls out about “wanting victory” and everyone joins in. The shot of them huddled together in the gym creates that visual and sound metaphor reflecting that the team has rebuilt or regalvanised as a unit.