Remember the Titans themes

Over-coming racism
Team bonding
Over-coming adversity.

Main Message

That we can successfully set aside our differences in culture and race to work together as a team.

The significance or importance or interest point of this theme/main idea/ message for society or a section of society is:

For a section of society – teenagers –

That teenagers can learn from this message and can set aside their differences and build a successful community. These communities can be within their schools, sports teams, clubs or neighbourhoods.

This message/theme/idea shows that teenagers can learn not to “react” negatively to somebody just because they like different music, clothing or styles or have a different religion, colour or culture. Teenagers can be like the Titans and learn to respect difference.

For World Society or the human race

That humans can all learn what the Titans learnt to do: develop respect for difference and set aside our problems with them – and get on with the business of working together.

As a result mankind could move forward to create a more peaceful and successful society, rather than “reacting” negatively to the racial, religious and cultural differences we have amongst us in our “human community”.